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Reclaim Brookmeade Park & Greenway 

Reclaim Brookmeade Park & Greenway for the People

Who we are

We are a grass roots, non-profit, non-partisan organization for the sole purpose of reclaiming Brookemeade Park from the homeless camp so taxpayers from Davidson County can enjoy this beautiful space & the people living there can be compassionately housed & helped.

The homeless camp continues to grow in Brookmeade Park & Greenway, adjacent to property owned by Lowes, next to the Cumberland River making it so the taxpayers from Davidson County do not feel safe to use and enjoy this beautiful space in their Nashville community. Mayor Cooper and the Continuum of Care Homelessness Planning Council should be cleaning up this area and compassionately housing and caring for the people in this camp.

For the last decade, Nashville's Brookmeade Greenway along with neighboring land are being used as a homeless camp. Their numbers have been consistently and quickly growing in recent years and spilling over into surrounding areas including the Charlotte Pike exit 201 ramp, *** Cabot Road, River Road, Gower Road, Old Charlotte Pike and West Meade private property. 

While there are some people living in the camp who are not a danger to the community, this park and the area surrounding have become a hazardous and unlawful place with open fires routinely burning unattended, dead rats, dogs tied to trees, discarded needles, trash and human waste accumulating and flowing into the Cumberland River, open drug use, drug dealing and public intoxication & loitering inside and around local restaurants. It has also become a landing pad for traveling homeless as it is situated right off I-40.

Lowes cleared all foliage & brush on their property starting July 24, 2021, merely moving and condensing the homeless camp to occupy more of Brookmeade Park.

We, the community of West Nashville, have been repeatedly communicating our concerns with our local area Council Representatives Druffel, Rosenburg & Hausser for many, many years. We insist the city of Nashville now communicate with us and the people living in this camp their efficient and swift action to care for and house the homeless there and return to the Davidson County citizens our beautiful park and greenway.

What is Nashville doing?

Continuum of Care Homelessness Planning Council Strategy Community Plan
JULY 2019 – JUNE 2022

On July 3, 2018, Metro Council approved Ordinance BL2018-1199, which created the Nashville-Davidson County Continuum of Care Homelessness Planning Council. The Homelessness Planning Council serves as the Continuum of Care Governance Board for our community and consists of 25 voting members from the business, human services, homeless, provider, state government, local education, hospital and university communities including Metro Council District representatives Freddie O'Connell (District 19), Sandra Sepulveda (District 30) and Erin Evans (District 12). Judith Tackett is the Homeless Impact Division Director.

On July 3, 2019, the council introduced the HOMELESSNESS PLANNING COUNCIL STRATEGIC COMMUNITY PLAN JULY 2019 – JUNE 2022.

While meetings were streamed & recorded during Covid, there is little to no transparency since May as they are no longer recorded for which the public has repeatedly asked. Public is allowed to view in person, but not allowed to speak, and meetings are often during regular business hours. 

We are unaware if they have hit their benchmarks, but it appears not when it comes to housing. 

There is a Safety Notice at www.greenwaysfornashville.com which states:  
Brookmeade Greenway Safety Notice
For public safety, Greenways for Nashville advises against visiting the Brookmeade Greenway due to homeless encampments in the area – Updated 1/7/2021

*** July 23, 2021 - "The camp at Cabot and Charlotte at the bottom of the Charlotte Pike exit will be cleared by TDOT on August 2nd. The results of the survey indicated that it is state property. There is a law against camping on state property outside of designated camping areas. The occupants will be given next week to clear out anything they want to take. On August 2nd, TDOT crews will clear out anything left behind." - Sgt. John Bourque, West Precinct Community Coordinator, 5500 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209 

Local Council Members

The homeless camp (Brookmeade Park) is in Dave Rosenburg's district. 
Thom Druffel and Gloria Hausser have the adjacent districts.

Stay informed

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