Let's help our friend with his new home!

After 3 years under the Jefferson Street Bridge, our friend Chris has gotten his own place. 
He moves in at the start of September and could use quite a few items.   

He says hand-me-overs are perfectly fine. Let's show him our love and support!


Anything and everything!

Chris lives to cook & could use:

Pans, utensils, plates, "silverware", dish towels or even ketchup packets that everyone has in the “kitchen junk drawer” leftover from take-out’s



Anything that someone is no longer needing such as tables, lamps, chairs, etc.

He has a bed frame and dresser, but is using a queen size blow up air mattress until he can save up enough for a regular mattress.  

Queen size bed sheets would be very helpful.


Anything for bath such as shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, bath mat, towels, etc


Chris lost nearly his entire wardrobe in the tornado and could use some items - gently used are fine.

He could really use a pair of sneakers.

3X in shirts

XLG pants / sweatpants

Size 10 shoes

Contact Becky

I have Chris's address now and in his new place. 
Furniture can wait, but any other items are welcome now. He didn't ask me to do this. He has helped our mission more than anyone knows (except me) and he's a really deserving guy. 
Trust me. 

Thank you so much for your donations and generosity. 

Email your donation items so I can update the list and let you know how to deliver. 

Thank you!


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